Only 40 VIP tickets available!

To pay, send $60 to us at:

Venmo or PayPal

For questions, email Jacquie Stephens or Ron Taylor


West Palm Beach Alumni Chapter is happy to host SMOKEFEST ATLANTA – A PROHIBITION EXPERIENCE on Thursday, August 15, 2019 starting at 8 p.m. at Red Phone Booth, walking distance from our hotel in Atlanta!

This SMOKEFEST we will be offering 40 VIP tickets that will guarantee entrance into Mafia Room at Red Phone Booth!!!

The VIP experience costs $60 and includes:

  • Two drink tickets
  • One house cigar
  • One cigar from the WPB Alumni Chapter
  • One cigar design pin
  • One miscellaneous pin
  • Taxes/fees/service charges and tip are included

If you are not an Aficionado yet … now is your chance … purchasing a ticket or making a donation to the Foundation will get you initiated!!

If you are planning on going to the baseball game, what better way to end the night!!

If you don’t want the VIP option or it sells out (which we expect), for $15 (does not need to be paid in advance), we will initiate you with a cigar and a pin.  While the VIP’s will be taking over a private room, Brothers are welcome to join us in the main bar (entrance may be limited by occupancy of bar) to be initiated (or get a free cigar if a member).

Please note this is a classy club that has a dress code! (See fine print below).

100% of proceeds will be donated to the Leadership Foundation.  Any money from ticket and pin sales that doesn’t go to the Red Phone Booth goes to the Foundation.

Our sales/fundraising opportunities are not directly sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation. Individuals participating in the sales / fundraiser will not receive donor credit from Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, rather the individual submitter of the proceeds will receive donor credit and a tax receipt.

Consider this the fine print, but its important:

  • Tickets are not refundable.
  • Must be 21 years or older,
  • If you would like to donate to the Foundation by contributing more than $60 per      person, please do.
  • There is a strictly enforced dress code!  Men may not wear hats of ANY kind, casual shorts, open-toed shoes, or athletic gear.  Men must wear a COLLARED SHIRTS (includes golf or polo shirts) or JACKET.  They have “house” sports coats if needed. NO JORTS, CARGO SHORTS OR ATHLETIC SHORTS.  NO FLIP FLOPS.  LADIES:  NO ATHLETIC GEAR OR OVERLY RIPPED CLOTHING!  If you have any questions, please visit their website for more information.
  • There is (we’re told quite delicious) food and more drink available for purchase at the Red Phone Booth.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or reach out to Ron Taylor or Jacquie Stephens.  We are looking forward to seeing you at SMOKEFEST ATLANTA – A PROHIBITION EXPERIENCE Thursday night at GCC!!!!!

To pay, send $60 to us at:

Venmo or PayPal

For questions, email Jacquie Stephens or Ron Taylor.

More information about the Red Phone Booth.


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